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Leak Detection
A leaky pipe can cause untold damage to your house or business. With our non-invasive tools, we can quickly locate the problem and get to work fast, stop the problem and prevent further damage.If you suspect a leak, don’t wait.
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Burst Pipe
Burst pipe is everyone’s nightmare. Water damage and water wastage can be very serious and costly. You need to act fast. We are expertly trained to fix and manage the problem. If you suspect you have a burst pipe, don’t wait. Contact us immediately.
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Blocked Drain
This is the most common plumbing problem and with our professionals, the problem can be easily fixed. We have the equipment and expertise to locate, reach the blockage, disintegrate it and get the pipes and drains flowing again in no time.
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Gas Work
Hot Water systems
Hot water system installation and repair is a frequent and routine job. If you need a new hot water system or need to repair an existing one, we are just one phone call away.
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Dripping Tap
Tap ware last a long time but not forever. Eventually, taps leak, and besides being annoying, they waste water and therefore money. Eventually, when the sound of the drip and the thought of your money going down the drain becomes too much, don’t wait.
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Faulty toilet
A toilet is an essential element in every bathroom. When a toilet is damaged, leaking, or inadequate for your needs, replacing or upgrading an old toilet will prevent serious damage to your property.
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