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Advanced leak detection in all Perth Metro area
Here at Grace Plumbing, Gas & Hot Water we can electronically locate and repair leaking water or gas pipes.
Finding a pipe or gas leak can often be extremely challenging, and even when you think you have discovered the source of the problem, there may be another related issue that needs taking care of. That is why our team of insured plumbers offer a range of advanced leak detection services including:


• The immediate repair of the plumbing issue
• Workable solutions for you
• Gas leak repair
• Water pipe damage and leak repair


We understand how disruptive water leaks can be, and because of this, we always work in a timely and efficient manner, making sure to cause as little damage as possible and doing so at a time that suits you.
We trust our service so much that if we are unable to detect the present water or gas leak then there will be no charge to you. If you would like more information on the advanced leak detection services we provide throughout all Perth metro area.
Please call today and speak to one of our team.